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Beach Facilities

As a general rule, Los Cabos beaches are no-frills, with very few facilities. There is no established lifeguard program in the entire Los Cabos region. Hotels will often post a red flag on the beach to alert swimmers to strong currents and undertows, but you won't see such warnings on the stretches of public beach along the coasts.

More and more of the public beaches have toilets, but you'll still be hard-pressed to find a shower. The picnic tables, grills or fire pits, playgrounds, and other amenities common at U.S. beaches simply aren't part of the scene in Los Cabos. If you want or need anything for your day at the beach, it's best to pack it yourself. If any of the following facilities are present at a beach, we'll list them: lifeguard, toilets, showers, food concession, picnic tables, grills or fire pits, playground, parking lot, camping.

Mexican beaches are free and open to the public, although some of the resort developments along the Corridor are doing their best to keep everyone but their guests off the beaches in front of the resorts. Resort boundaries are usually very well marked; any beach after that is free for all.


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