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Sun and Safety

If swimming in the ocean or the sea is important to you, be sure to research beachside resorts, as most in this region are on stretches of beach where swimming is dangerous or forbidden due to strong currents. Nearly all resorts discourage guests from swimming in the ocean, except for Hilton and Melia Cabo Real where a man-made cove between the two hotels makes for calmer waters. Look for the beach warning flags posted outside resorts: red meaning conditions are dangerous, yellow a symbol to use caution, and green signifying conditions are safe. Barely visible rocks and strong undertows make many of the beaches unsuitable for swimming. Take care when you go swimming—it can be serenely calm or dangerously turbulent, depending on the day or even the hour. The Pacific side is notorious for rogue waves and intense undertows. Also, the sun here is fierce: don't underestimate the need for waterproof sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat.


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